Coming on Theater: Mystic Point – Mystic Reveals
大街 Opera House 為配合香港迪士尼樂園五周年慶典,特意呈上三套於2009年大受歡迎的電影預告。本報將為是次上映的三套電影預告作介紹及探討,並以迷離莊園、灰熊山谷及反斗奇兵大本營的次序報道。

As a part of Hong Kong Disneyland 5th Anniversary Ceremony, the Opera House released “3 movie trailers” to the public. Gazette will give an introductory report on each “movie trailers”, in the order of Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land.

據悉,該三套電影預告曾在2009年的 D23 Expo中樂園及度假區展廳展出,並大受好評。其中以「迷離莊園」最為注目。而且,在展覽展出不久便有愛好者在 Facebook 發起群組。

The “movie trailers” were once shown in the Parks and Resorts Exhibition Hall, D23 Expo in 2009. It was a huge success. Among the “3 movie trailers”, Mystic Point was the public’s favour. Later on, there was a Facebook community group founded after the Expo was ended. 

迷離莊園為香港迪士尼樂園第一階段擴建工程中,最受全球迪士尼愛好者注目的項目。或許大家都為迷離莊園和「幽靈公館」(Haunted Mansion) 連上關係。而事實上,迷離莊園和幽靈公館可說是同根不同源,他們都是出自同一概念 – Museum of the Wired

Mystic Point is the Disney fan’s fovourite theme land in Hong Kong Disneyland’s 1st Phase Expansion Plan. One of the major reasons, which is, an image of Haunted Mansion popped up in our head when every time we mention Mystic Point or Manor. As the matter of fact, they both are inspirited form the “Museum of the Weird”.

Museum of the Wired是華特迪士尼先生為加州迪士尼樂園而設計的步行遊樂設施,一個搜集了怪異收藏品的博物館。但由於顧及到折損率甚高而重新構思,因而引發了幽靈公館的概念。全因華特迪士尼先生及幻想工程師們對科技不械的追求,幽靈公館大概是眾多迪士尼遊樂設施中,最廣為人知、最受歡迎及最經典的。幽靈公館引用了1964-65年紐約世界博覽會中「小小世界」的運行系統 – Omnimovers,並加上獨有技術,把靈異的景象呈現於世人眼前。

Museum of the Weird” is a walk-though attraction about a museum full of strange collection from all over the world. But the concept was soon re-designed and evolved into Haunted Mansion. The Haunted Mansion became incredibly famous after the opening and have been recognizing as an icon of Disneyland. It adopted the Omnimovers riding system, a system originally used by “It’s A Small World” in 1945-46 World Fair, and self-developed technology to perform the ghosts’ world in front of the world’s eyes.

事隔40年,華特迪士尼公司在 2009630日落實興建迷離莊園。並於2009911-13日展出有關資料及公佈有關詳情。而迷離莊園及灰熊山谷有別於其他在香港迪士尼樂園的遊樂設施,著重於其原創性而不失經典特質。

On June 30, 2009, around 40 years later after the Haunted Mansion was built, Walt Disney Company announced the construction plan of Mystic Point and 2 other new themed lands. On September 11-13, 2009, D23 Expo showed the models and concept arts of the plan to the world. Mystic Manor and Big Grizzly Mountain Ride is completely different from other attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland, giving credit to its originality and classic quality.

迪士尼傳奇 (Disney Legend) Marty Sklar曾提及,在空白紙上構思新意念時,你可看見無盡的可能性,同時它亦是你最大的恐懼。那麼,當幻想工程師為迷離莊園在白紙上尋找靈感時,看見了什麼?幽靈公館?不,要比幽靈公館走得更遠、飛得更高,超越其他迪士尼樂園的版本。或許位於東京迪士尼海洋的古塔驚魂 (Tower of Terror) 是一個很好的借鑑 一款依據原版重新設計並擁有原創故事的驚險遊樂設施。

Marty Sklar, the Disney Legend, once mentioned you can see the greatest possibility on a blank sheet of paper, but also the greatest threat. So what did Imagineers see? Haunted Mansion? Certainly not, it should be something more than that, the most special and imaginary version of all. Tokyo Disney Sea’s Tower of Terror would be a great example – an attraction that inspired from original version and eventually developed with an unique storyline.

值得一提的是,迷離莊園的故事確實跟東京迪士尼海洋的古塔驚魂有關連。一切應由亨利勳爵 (Lord) 說起。在1908年,一位名為亨利勳爵的探險及冒險家在幽林深處的山丘上,興建了一座莊園,並在底層擺放著來自世界不同角落的珍貴工藝及收藏品。並透過河流、鐵路及叢林小徑運送珍品到大宅。不久他把底層改建為博物館並開於予公眾參觀。於是,一所世界聞名及最大的私人博物館因而誕生。

Surprisingly, there is a connection between Mystic Manor and Tokyo Disney Sea’s Tower of Terror. It all started with Lord Henry Mystic, an old Englishman who built a manor on the hilltop of a jungle. Laid on the lowest level was a verity collection of mythic collection from all over the world. By the river, railroad and jungle path, the artifacts were shipped to the manor. Sooner or later, Lord Mystic reconstructed the lowest level and transformed it into the world’s largest private museum.

亨利勳爵為集合一群探險及冒險家,在迷離莊園裡成立了「探險家‧冒險家學會」,並在探險家會所中招待一眾會員。當中,他招攬一名老朋友兼競爭對手 身居紐約,Hightower Hotel的主人 Harrison Hightower III。該酒店即後來的古塔驚魂。

Lord Mystic gathered a group of people who share the same thought, and founded “The Society of Explorers and Adventurers”, The S.E.A. in short. He entertained all members in Adventurers Club, including one of his old mate and competitor, the owner of Hightower Hotel – Harrison Hightower III. Hightower’s property was located in New York (American Waterfront, TDS), also known as the Tower of Terror.

而亨利勳爵及Harrison Hightower III的關係確實十分耐人尋味。首先,亨利勳爵 (Lord Henry Mystic) Harrison Hightower III的住所均以自己的姓氏命名,分別是迷離大宅 (Mystic Manor) Hightower Hotel。其次,他們的國籍也帶著歷史情仇,亨利勳爵為英國人,Hightower為美國人。最後,他們的性格也截然不同,亨利勳爵較為滑稽、友善及熱情,而 Hightower 則較為高傲、自負及孤獨。顯然,他們是對立而相近的。

The relationship between Lord Mystic and Harrison Hightower III is well-designed and quite interesting. First, their own property was named after their name – Mystic Manor and Hightower Hotel. Second, their nationality stated different point of views, Englishman and American. Least but not last, Lord Mystic is rather hilarious, kind and friendly. As for Hightower, he is pride, self-centered and alone. Obviously, their have same quality and interest but different characters.

在華特迪士尼家族博物館為加州迪士尼樂園55周年而舉行的公眾座談會的第三天,即2010 718日。主持人迪士尼傳奇 Marty Sklar 請來了迪士尼傳奇、前樂園及度假區主席 Richard (Nick) Nunis、幻想工程部首席設計及發行行政工程師Craig Russell及幻想工程部首席創意行政工程師 Bruce Vaughn,大談全球迪士尼樂園項目的方向及發展。

On the third day (July 18, 2010) of Walt Disney Museum’s Disneyland 55th Anniversary Celebration public audience, Disney Legend Marty Sklar (host) interviewed Richard (Nick) Nunis, Disney Legend and former Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts; Craig Russell, Chief Design and Delivery Executive of Walt Disney Imagineering; Bruce Vaughn, Chief Creative Executive of Walt Disney Imagineering, to share their opinion on “The Happiest Places on Earth: A look at Disney Parks Around the Globe.”

當中,他們提及迪士尼主題樂園的設計前提是「深入了解賓客並為他們設計獨特的遊樂設施」以及有關迷離莊園的主題由來。基於文化上的差異,較多中國人相信鬼魂是先人的化身並不感太大的恐懼。因此,大宅以超自然力量為題。同時也透露了 Danny Elfman 將為迷離莊園創作曲目。並深信這將會是同類型遊樂設施中最為刺激的版本。

Bruce Vaughn mentioned “we must deeply learn our audience and design for them” when they are having a discussion on Disney’s international park. Take Mystic Manor as an example, Disney adopted supernatural as the theme mainly because the cultural different on the perspective of ghost between Chinese and Western. According to their saying, Chinese people trend to believe is the spirit of ancestors and have nothing to fear. During the conversation, they noted that Danny Elfman is going to compose the soundtrack for the Mystic Manor. Bruce and Craig believed that Hong Kong’s version would be the best mansion of all.


In the audience, they also mention food is a matter for all international parks. The increase of Indian guests visiting Hong Kong Disneyland let the park realize that the importance of vegetarian food choices. More vegetarian food will be avaliable at park. Also, they are surprised and get used to how Mainland Chinese guests share the facilities. For example, family children population is relatively small and families are usually in multi-generation groups, and the restaurant seats are mostly occupied by elderly because family would leave their grandparents to look after their properties until the members return. Therefore, open area and seats are important in Hong Kong. They also mentioned the script of an attraction has to be customized to relevant guests, usually translation for the original English script.

將上述設計理念套入園區,迷離莊園正正由遊樂設施 迷離大宅、餐廳 探險家會所及休憇空間 奇幻庭園而組成 (當然也包括商店)

All in all, that's what Mystic Point made up with, an attraction – Mystic Manor, a restaurant – Adventurers Club and open area – Garden of Wonders (Merchandize is also important to the park).

那麼,迷離大宅究竟是怎樣的?落杉磯時報曾報道幻想工程師 Dustin Schofield介紹大宅內的情景。介紹中亦提到迷離大宅原來是向「奪寶奇兵®冒險旅程」(Indiana Jones® Adventure) 及提基神殿 (Enchanted Tiki Room) 致敬,並在大宅中致意。接下來的敍述均來自上述介紹,並加入適當的解譯。而房間的英文名來自 D23展覽中迷離大宅的概念圖,中文名則強行直譯。如有誤會,敬請原諒。

So, what is Mystic Manor all about? LA Times has reported scenes description according to an Imagineering, Dustin Schofield. The article noted that Mystic Manor is a tribute to 2 classic Disney attractions - Indiana Jones® Adventure and Enchanted Tiki Room. The following description of the scenes is originally from the reporting, and the Gazette will add appropriate information if nesscary. The name of the scenes is followed by what written on the relevant concept art in D23 Expo.

當慕名而來的賓客進入博物館,在排隊區 (Queue) 等候時,會看見牆壁佈滿亨利勳爵及其趣緻而好奇心重的竉物 馬騮阿拔的畫像。順帶一提,亨利勳爵和阿拔都是香港迪士尼樂園獨有的卡通人物!

When guests are waiting the Queue, they will alot protrait of Lord Mystic and Albert, Lord’s adorable pet, are posted on the wall. By the way, Lord Mystic and Albert are the characters exclusively for Hong Kong!

其後賓客會進入預覽室 (Preshow),並聆聽由亨利勳爵旁述的投影片。內容大概講述勳爵不同展區和最新以及引以為傲的收藏品。其中,勳爵特意介紹一個充滿神祕魔法力量的音樂盒,並再三告誡賓客小心,打開要特別處理。不時,阿拔在房間內四處出現。

Then, guests are arranged to emove onto the Preshow and watch a slide show narrated by Lord Mystic. He gives a short speech about the exhibition rooms and his latest collections and emphasizes an enchanted music box full of rare magic must be bewared and opened in caution. From time to time, Albert appears in different corners of the Preshow.

聽過介紹後,賓客將步入藏品裝卸區,即上車區 (Load)。然後登富有時代特色的無馬馬車,遊覽各大展區。

After the presentation, guests are allowed to enter the Load area and get on the century’s horseless carriages, the vehicle that take guests for a circle tour of the museum.

登車後到訪的區域便是藏品暫存區 (Cataloguing Room),一大堆待陳列的珍品放整個房間。當中,亨利勳爵曾提及的音樂盒擺放在眾人眼前。阿拔突然在盒後出現,並打開了盒子。魔法粉末從音樂盒逃出,而且迅速浮上半空,並為死寂的收藏品帶來生氣。值得一提,Catalogue(名詞) 可解作一連串不幸的事件。

The first area is Cataloguing Room, where a lot of collections are being temporary placed and awaited to put on shelves. The music box that Lord Mystic just mentioned is now presenting in front of guests. Albert suddenly pops out and unlocks the box. The escaping magic dust floats in the air and brings life to all artifacts. Here is something quite interesting we have found, catalogue (n.) can be explained as a serious of bad things.

第一個展區是音樂室 (Music Room),房中放滿各國奇珍樂器,房的正中間躺著一部鋼琴。魔法粉末為樂器帶來生命並奏出音樂。音樂會隨馬車一同行走,並一路為情景配樂。阿拔在一旁看得入神和感到驚嘆。當然,阿拔也在好奇心驅使下跟著賓客一起參觀。

The first show case is Music Room, a room stored a lot of weird music instruments. A piano is put in the centre of the room. The magic dust gives life to instrument and music plays. The music will follow the carriage and play the background music for the journey. Albert is excited and in amazement. He follows the carriage in curious to visit all rooms.

下一站是古希臘及羅馬展廳 (Greco-Roman Room)。粉末吹至,畫作、陶瓷及雕像 (人形木偶®) 都活起來。其中,一瓶雙耳瓶 (Amphora) 上,(即有兩個手把、窄頸肥身的水/酒瓶),畫有大力士 (Hercules) 為完成父親天神宙斯的考驗和尼米亞之獅 (Nemean Lion) 搏鬥的場面*,在賓客眼前活顯起來。其雙耳瓶不停打震及旋轉起來。

* 註:原文只提及大力士會與獅子搏鬥的場面。上述介紹是依據古希臘神話中大力士的事蹟而講述。大力士一生中只曾與一隻獅子搏鬥,即尼米亞之獅。

The next stop is Greco-Roman Room. The paintings, ceramics and Audio-Animatronic® statues start to move under the influence of the dust. An amphora with Hercules fighting with Nemean Lion to conquer Zeus’s quest* spins and rocks when the carriage passes.

* Note: The original interview script just only mentioned “Hercules battling a lion”. The above description is taken from the Greek myths, the story of Hercules. As what the story told, Hercules only battled once with a lion, which is known as the Nemean Lion.

其後,馬車會走進北歐館 (Nordic Chamber)。一個畫作中的北歐神祇突向賓客吹出寒風,令室內溫度急降及佈滿特效煙霞。

Sooner or later, the carriage enters the Nordic Chamber. There is a painting of a Nordic God. He comes to life and blows freeze wind towards guests. Guests are able to feel cooling effect and see the special-effect smoke in this scene.

接著,擺滿由各地收集到的盔甲及武器的兵器庫 (Armory) 也受到影響。放在走廊盡頭的其中一座大砲砲擊馬車。砲擊不但令馬車後退、還旋轉起來。而阿拔則忙過不停,不停彎腰逃避日本武士盔甲及其武士刀的追斬。

The Armory full of weapons and armors becomes a noisy room. At the end of the corridor is a charged cannon, the blast knocks the carriage backward and spins away. Albert is trying to get rid of the sword-swigging Samurai.

砲彈將賓客帶進古埃及展廳 (Egyptian Room)。魔法粉末把木乃伊從沈睡中喚醒,更甚的是,木乃伊身後不停湧出聖甲蟲 (Scarab),瞬間展廳都被黑暗掩蓋。

The blast brings guests to Egyptian Room. The mummy is waken by the magical power and loads of Scarab rushes out. The Scarab soon covers all the lights and guests are riding through the darkness.

黑暗的盡頭是部落展廳 (Tribal Room)。當中,一座巨大的提基 (Tiki) 神像最為引人注目。在魔法粉末飄過後,神像從囗中溢出岩漿,令溫內室度緩緩上升。而其他部落神祇更吹出竹箭,將阿拔釘在牆上。

At the end of the darkness is the Tribal Room. Among all the artifacts, a Tiki statue stands out with massivesize. The lava starts to come out from the mouth of statue and the room is heating up. On the other hand, other Tribal gods blow darts at the carriage and Albert is pinned on the wall.

穿過箭陣,終於來到最後一個展區 中國廳 (Chinese Room)。展廳正中間放著一尊孫悟空雕像 (Monkey King)。怎料,雕像活顯並搖動手中的如意金剛棒,並製造出旋風。馬車和展廳畫中的人和物也逃不過旋風影響,圍繞雕像而轉。

Carriage go though the darts and towards the the staff on his hand, he creates a tornado-like turbulent. Exhinits, carriage and even the people in the drawings start to spin around the room.

其後,賓客返回第一個區域藏品暫存區 (Cataloguing Room)。事件演下去勢必造成混亂並將收藏品破壞,而阿拔亦自知不能置身事外。所以,牠回到房間後,立刻把音樂盒關上。幸好,一切回復平靜。

Then, guests back to the Cataloguing Room. Albert knows that he is in a big trouble and he will have no way out. Therefore, when he gets back to the room, he slams the music box in no time. Fortunately, things are back in order and artifacts “sleep” again.

最後賓客到達下車區 (Unload),亨利勳爵也在這裡歡送賓客,並祝道大家十分享受訪館的每一刻。顯然,他對剛剛收拾的景況全然不知。

At the end, Lord Mystic is waiting in the Unload area and says goodbye to guests. He hopes guests are satisfy with the tour and is hoping that the next visiting will be soon. Obviously, he has no ideas on what have just happened…

順帶一提,在香港迪士尼樂園的展覽中,阿拔塑像身後的概念圖引起了筆者的好奇。全因那是一幅講述一個不知仍否在大宅中的場景概念圖 溫室 (Solarium Room)。當然,在上述報道中也有提及到 (當時命名為The Conservatory),大概關於饒嘴的阿拔為取得樹上的香蕉而冒險穿過捕蠅草 (Venus flytrap) 的種植區。

In the “The Magic Continues” Preview Gallery, there is interesting concept art posted behind Albert Marquette and raised Gazette’s attention. It is a concept art which has not been confirmed as one of the scene in the Mystic Manor – Solarium Room. The LA Times did mention (described in term of The Conservatory), it is a transition room, it talks about Albert tries to reach and get the Banana. and goes he has to go through a brunch of dreadful Venus flytrap.

相信大家在頭上一定打著一個大問號。上述的無馬馬車將如何運作?筆者在一幅曾在 D23 Expo 展出的概念圖找到線索。不過,發現了什麼當然不方便透露。現在,我們在假設無馬馬車仍採用 D23 Expo 時的設計前提下,作出以下解說 (直譯有關介紹)

Maybe there is something you still cannot figure it out, how does the horseless carriage (trackless vehicle) work? We have found a clue on a D23 concept art. However, the Gazette is not in a liberty to disclose such founding. In stead, we will give information on some significant features about the carriage (according the related printed work), IF the plan is still the same.


The horseless carriage has 2 row of seat, each row allows 2-3 people to sit in. A guide wire is laid out on a design route for the horseless carriage to follow. The route can be re-designed if any necessary in later time. The carriage speech, spinning and repetition action can be customized. The top speed could reach 1.2m/s. Since there is no track, the revolutionary concepts can be applied, for example, crossings, switches, junctions, in and out of the dead-end. Also, the long-term costs can be reduced as well, compared to tracked rides.

而每部運送工具均各自備有電池和發聲系統。其發聲系統容許設定人員以不同語言表述場景內容。並可透過雙向通訊系統,利用裝置和場景互動(應該沒有運用在迷離大宅上),如電筒等。而電池最長可運作14小時。跟據 Mystic Manor Facebook 群組上的留言(已刪除),有關系統估計在美國底特律 (Detroit) 製造。

Every horseless carriage has its own on board battery and sound system, which allows the ride to inform guests in different language. The vehicle can also be added a 2-way communication system, like blaster gun or flashlight, to interact with scenes (not likely to be applied in Mystic Manor). The maximum operation time is around 14 hours per day. According a (deleted) comment left on the Facebook community page, the riding system is in construction and believed to be done in Detroit, United States.

莊園內的其餘兩大部份 探險家會所和奇幻庭園,佔了莊園近三分之二的面積。先說探險家會所,它是由美國佛羅里達州 DowntownDisney 的同名餐廳直接移師至香港。該餐廳於2008927日正式結業。而大部份內部裝飾會應用於迷離莊園的探險家會所。幻想工程部行政設計師及高級副主席 Joe Rohde 2008年曾向外國迪士尼愛好者網站提笑稱自己部份擺放餐廳在裝飾品己運送到港。

The Adventurers Club and Garden of Wonders have taken over two-third of the Mystic Point. Adventurers Club, the restaurant, is originally located in Downtown Disney, Florida and will be moved to Hong Kong. The restaurant in Florida was closed on September 27, 2008 and most of the interior design will move to the Adventurers Club in Hong Kong. The Creative Executive Designer and Senior Vice President, Creative, Joe Rohde, once said to a foreign Disney fans website in 2008, about his own decoration in the restaurant will be shipped to Hong Kong.


The concept arts of Garden of Wonders and Albert haven’t been shown in D23 Expo. The Garden has stored many anamorphic imaginary collections from all over the world. However, the Gazette can only tell very few the of the origin of collection. The Gazette hopes you could understand that.


The Chinese anamorphic Imaginary is a combination of 3 Chinese mythical creatures, the Chinese Unicorn (Qilin), the Chinese Phoenix (Funghuang) and Cyprinus Carpio. If you are stand in the right angle, the Chinese creatures will suddenly transform into a wing-spread Western Dragon.

而來自古希臘的歪形意念展品則是一幅馬賽克 (Mosaic)。圖中的男人右握三叉戟 (Trident),左執,駕馭三隻奇形怪物,而身後則有海浪的圖案。究竟這幅馬賽克在描述什麼事情?不就是希臘十二主神之一、天神宙斯 (Zeus) 和冥王黑帝斯 (Hades) 的哥哥 海王波賽頓 (Poseidon) 駕駛馬車 (Chariot) 的情景。波賽頓除了主宰大海之外,亦是馬匹的創造者和保護神。祂與智慧女神雅典娜 (Athena) 搶奪雅典城 (Athens) 時,創造了海馬怪 (Hippo-campus)。而波賽頓的馬車正正由數隻海馬怪拉動。另一說法則指拉動馬車的是海豚。

The Greek anamorphic Imaginary collection is a Mosaic picture. The picture describing a man who is holding the Trident on his hand and a whip on his left hand while mastering 3 horse-like creatures and wave is at his back. So what is it all about? Actually, he is one of the Twelve Olympians, the brother of Zeus and Hades and the God of the Seas, Poseidon. Poseidon also control over Earthquake, and horses. When Posidon is battling with Athena, to fight for the control of Athens, he create the first horse ever – the Hippo-campus, literally means Sea-Horse. Hippo-campus is mythical creature with horse head, wedded feet and fish-like tail. So, the picture is describing Poseidon is traveling on a chariot and the chariot is usually moved by Hippo-Campi, other saying describes the chariot it is moved by dolphins.

展覽另外則展出 1:50的大宅模型,筆者雖在模型上可看出數種具不同民族彩風建築特色,奈何不譜其所屬的風格,無法解說。反觀,筆者從1880年起開始搜尋,得出以下年代背景序述。

The Preview Gallery also displayed a 1:50 Mystic Manor model. From the model we can see a few architecture styles, but the Gazette could not identify them. However, the Gazette has gathered some useful background information after searching at the beginning of 19th Century.

1908年的英國處於愛德華時代 (Edwardian Age),是維多利亞式鄉郊大宅的末期。同時亦處於藝術品及手工藝品運動的時代,大概是一種反工業化的運動。貴族或上流社會人仕會以藝術品及手工藝品裝飾大宅內部,裝飾主要為了突顯屋主的性格。而在愛德華時代興建的建築物都主要依愛德華巴羅克風格 (Edwardian Baroque) 而建。主要特徵是建築物的轉角位都有一座有頂的亭閣,而正中間則有一座主塔。

In 1908, Britain was in the Edwardian Age, the last period of Victorian country houses. Also the Britain was in the Art & Crafts Movement, an anti-industrial movement. The upper-class and rich people were decorating their house with art & crafts, in order to show the owner’s personality. At the Edwardian Age, the buildings are mainly followed the Edwardian Baroque style. The significant features of the style are the building usually has a domed corner rooftop pavilions and a central taller tower-like element creating a lively rooftop silhouette.
After all, it is just a searching and has no connection with the Mystic Point’s story, it is only for a reference.


The theme park competition in Asia is getting harder and harder, unique theme land may not be able to attract new generations. Also parks are more despite for technology and applied the latest in the attraction. Even though the Haunted Mansion, which is well-known with its special technology, has to change and find a new way out. The Mansion(s) has planned to use 3-D as the selling point. Obviously, special featured technology no longer a main focus of an attraction, it has to be with outstanding ideas and unusual concepts.


Mystic Point, where applied all 3 features just mentioned, with its unique storyline, the space traveling between real and mythical stories, the theme land which not only depends on one classical ride, but it has to be counted as one piece, as a whole to tell a story. To be true, no other Disney theme land can do better.


However, the well-designed theme land cannot stand alone with the people, in here we mean the human resource. So, how can they work altogether and merge perfectly? Furthermore, what if the story is real, how would the museum or manor looks like? Maybe, maybe the park has already got the answer.


For one thing which can be sure, when Mystic Manor is officially opened to the public, it will be the focus of the world’s Disney fans. As what the story says, guests would come from all over the world to glance at the museum. With the name of the classical Disney ride, and the extra-ordinary experience specially created by Imagineers, the competitors could only be envy, however, thumbs-up for the attraction. It is not hard to believe that, as what the Managing Director of the park, Mr. Kam said, the park will record a net profit after the Mystic Manor is opened. Nevertheless, in next 5 or 10 years, Mystic Point, Lord Henry Mystic and Albert will be a shinning, glimmering name in Hong Kong Disneyland’s history.


Maybe there is only an unsolved question remained in the project file of Mystic Point, how to be better than ever. After all, imagine could never be fulfilled, completed and ended. So what is in your mind, after reading this report?
你知道嗎? Do you know that?
2009D23 Expo展覽中,迷離莊園的展板均以幽靈公館的牆紙作背景圖案。當展覽移師到香港迪士尼樂園展出時,其展板則以迷離大宅獨有的牆紙作背景圖案,並寫有迷離大宅的英文縮寫 – MM (Mystic Manor)。大家不妨细心留意展覽,或許你會有更多發現和靈感。
In the D23 Expo in 2009, the display boards with Mystic Point concept arts were in the background of Haunted Mansion’s wallpaper. When the exhibition came to Hong Kong, the background image has changed to the wallpaper exclusively for Mystic Manor, with the short form of Mystic Manor on it, MM. Look closely with other exhibits and you may have surprising founding!

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