2月5日 - 2月28日:虎虎生福
5 - 28 Feb :Year of The Tiger Celebration

2月7日:推出十八區義工行動 "迪士尼賞義工計劃"
7 Feb:"Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" Community Program launched


Tinker Bell Castle transforming

For preparing the "Celebration in the Air", Hong Kong Disneyland has started redecoration of The Sleeping Beauty Castle from the early December.
4 Dec 2010
Some little golden straps were put on the spire of the castle, with some golden-chips hang on the straps.



Are you waiting too long for The Flights of Fantasy Parade?  Let's have a look of some models from the Flights of Fantasy!

米奇朋友號飛船  Mickey's Airship



距離五周年慶祝活動一個月,迪士尼樂園在facebook專頁再發佈了 Mickey和他一班好朋友新造型照,大家好快就可以跟換上華麗新裝的迪士尼朋友見面!

One month apart from the Event of Hong Kong Disneyland celebrates her 5th Anniversary.  The Hong Kong Disneyland launched the Official photos of the "New Look" of Mickey and his friends.  We can meet the Disney Characters in gorgeous costume very soon!



If you go to The Royal Banquet Hall in Fantasyland in the evening, you may found that, on the right hand side of the Banquet Hall has been blocked; all the tables have been setting in red table cloth, with Christmas candle lights for decoration.  The corner is full of Fairy tale like Christmas fair. 

From now until 2 Jan 2010, The Royal Banquet Hall introduced the Christmas buffet dinner, from every 5pm till the start of “Disney in the Stars”.



由2011年1月21日開始,奇妙仙子(Tinker Bell) 將為睡公主城堡灑上星粉(Pixie Dust),讓睡公主城堡化身為奇妙仙子城堡。
From 21Jan 2011, Tinker Bell will add some Pixie Dust to the Sleeping Beauty Castle.  The Sleeping Beauty Castle will transforms into Tinker Bell Castle.



香港迪士尼樂園舉行五週年慶祝活動發佈會,更公開了一些有關新巡遊 "迪士尼飛天巡遊" 的內容。
The Hong Kong Disneyland announced the details of the new parade "Flight of Fantasy Parade" in a press conference of "Celebration in the Air".


Hong Kong Disneyland shares a video clip about the expansion on her Facebook Page yesterday.

In the video, Mr. Andrew Kam, the managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland shows the media that the position of the Grizzly Gulch.  And the railroad will be next to the Grizzly Gulch.  He introduces how the Artists engraved the concrete, adding texture on it, to make it looks like a REAL stone.
The Toy Story Land will be a unique themed land in Asia.  And the other two themed lands, Grizzly Gulch and the Mystic Point, will be also unique in World.  The size of Hong Kong Disneyland will be 53% larger comparing to now.  All of them are high capacity attraction, so that more guests can come enjoy the magic in Hong Kong Disneyland in the coming future.


與 Dave Smith 會面 - Part 2

這是在 1933 年全球首次發行的米奇老鼠手錶初版,換句話說,是全球首枚米奇老鼠手錶。同款的米奇老鼠手錶大槪是最為人知及最受喜迎的米奇老鼠商品,至今售出數以百萬計之多。

This is very first version of the Mickey Mouse watch (1933). The Mickey Mouse watch is probably is one of the most famous merchandise item. They sold millions of these item. 
(Q: How you acquire this watch?)
When I started with the Archive, the company just saved very few of the early merchandise item. Because they didn't consider them as Disney product, it was simply licensed product. We licensed company to make product using our character. I have to go out to antique store and free market to search for the sample of some of the early merchandise.



The two HK Disneyland 5th Anniversary Limited Edition Pins have been released !

Sorcerer Mickey, Characters Spinner
Limited 800

Sorcerer Mickey in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle in multi-layered 3D pin. 
With a logo of the letter "5".
Limited 1000



Chocolate Black Forrest Cup

這款甜品杯,裡面是香滑的朱古力慕絲,在樂園內大街餐廳、聖誕市集及部份小食售賣點可以買得到,喜歡 Mickey 的朋友不要錯過啊!
This dessert cups, which is a creamy chocolate mousse.  You can buy it from Corner Cafe, Christmas Market or some food stall in Park.  Don't miss it if you love Mickey Mouse. 


與 Dave Smith 會面 - Part 1

歡迎!我很高興在這清爽的早晨與大家會面!我已到訪位於世界不同角落的迪士尼主題樂園,然而,昨天(2010.5.2 )是我第一次踏足香港迪士尼樂園。她給我的印象是十分優美,當然,我也十分享受遊園的時光。
我於 1970 年開始為華特迪士尼公司工作,而踏入下一個月,我就會正式為迪士尼工作 40 年,並一直堅守同一岡位。但現今很少人能做到,很多青年人剛從大學畢業後,只會在同一部門或公司工作 5 年,其後就會轉職。



一間新商店快將進駐香港迪士尼樂園美國小鎮大街,位置在美國小鎮大街300號 ,即聖誕市集旁水晶藝術廊位置,而水晶藝術廊面積雖然會較之前小,但她會繼續為賓客帶來奇妙體驗,而工程期間,她仍會照常營業。

A new shop is coming in the Main Street U.S.A. of Hong Kong Disneyland, located at No.300, Main Street U.S.A.  (Next to the Christmas Market).  Even the size will be a little bit smaller than before, The Crystal Art will continue to bring magical experience for Guests.  And she will provide service as normal during the renovation.



Christmas is not Christmas without a big feast!  The Corner Cafe in HK Disneyland provides a good choice!

Smoked Turkey with Apple and Melon Salad



在雪亮聖誕期間, 餅店隔鄰休憩區的小賣角粉飾得煥然一新,變成一個聖誕市集,提供更多種類的特式小食,讓賓客有更多選擇。
During the period of Sparkling Christmas, the Food Stall in the resting area which next to The Bakery, has been well-decorated in a new-look, transformed into a Christmas Market, providing a greater variety of snacks, so more choices for guests.


全新寄存櫃 11日 21日粉墨登場! New Lockers Now Activates in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Have you ever bothering with the locker is not large enough to store your bulky baggage? or panic when you lost your password receipt? Now the park provides a better solution.

全新的寄存櫃及其系統已經安裝妥當,而且提供 2 種不同大小的儲物櫃普通及特大。由 11 21曰開始,賓客可在美國大街小鎮隨時享用這項設施!
New lockers and locker system has installed in the Locker Rentals,
Main Street
. The new lockers are in serves starting from November 21, which provide 2 different kinds of sizes, normal and extra large.


Give a Big Applause to HKDL's F&B Team!

In every single happy memory in the HK Disneyland Resort, there will always a special variety of exquisite style and cuisine.  Who prepares this delicious memoires for us?  It is a group of Food & Beverage’s elite.


每年香港迪士尼樂園都會推出 華特迪士尼先生的生日記念徽章,今年的 華特迪士尼先生的生日記念章的設計是一個 Chip n Dale 捧著一個生日蛋糕的章,再有一個服務章在章之上。 (我們大多稱之為 pin on pin) 而且在徽章上可以見到迪士尼先生的生日日期 - 12月5日。

Every year, HK Disneyland will launch a Walt Disney's Birthday Memorial Pin.  This year, the Walt Disney's Birthday Memorial Pin is a pin on pin design.  Chip and Dale holding a birthday cake,  with a service pin on it.  Of course the date of Mr. Walt Disney's birthday can be found on it. 

詳細資料: Detailed Information: 
推出日期 Release Date: November 21, 2011
分類 Categories: Pin-on-Pin (POP)
限量 Limited Edition: 500
售價 Price: 藍色 Blue label (港幣 HKD 75)
SKU Number: 00400002687979

背面壓鑄: Back stamps:
Pin Trading Logo 2010
Limited Edition of 500
Hong Kong Disneyland logo



晚上 6:30 ,在小鎮廣場的巨型聖誕樹下進行大街玩具巡遊,首先有大街合唱團的歌聲為賓客送上祝福,然後,一部滿載禮物的火車慢慢由廣場左手邊駛進小鎮廣場來,乘客就是大家所喜愛的 Mickey 和 Minnie。

In every Christmas evening, under the giant christmas tree in the main street USA, there was the performance of the "procession of toys", the choir first delivered their blessing to all the guest with their songs. Then a train which is full of presents slowly enter the plaza from the left hand side, the passengers are our favourite, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

火車聖誕樹下停下來,Minnie 為 Mickey 預備了一份好特別的禮物,並一起向流星許願,此時,大街上空發放著燦的火花,一棵一棵雪花為圖案的燈徐徐地由大街的盡頭一 亮起來,手持這些雪花的,是一個一個玩具人物。

The train stopped under the christmas tree, Minnie Mouse prepared a very special present for Mickey Mouse.  They made a wish upon the star together.  At that moment, the sky was full of splendid fireworks, and the many snowflake shaped lights lighted from the end to end of the Main Street USA and it was the toys who handled the snowflake light.


Fans, you must love the exclusive gift prepared by HKDL this time.

精美的外盒印有Mickey 薑餅,雪人,士兵,糖果士的等等裝飾物
Ornaments such as, Mickey Mouse Gingerbreads, Snowmen, Soldiers, Candy sticks were print on a very delicate box.

Duffy 來到香港迪士尼樂園

各位 Duffy 粉絲終於可以在香港迪士尼樂園與 Duffy 見面啦!
Duffy 已經成為香港迪士尼樂園另一大紅人

The Duffy fans can eventually meet & greet with Duffy in Hong Kong Disneyland. 
Duffy has became one of the brightest star in Hong Kong Disneyland.


迪士尼朋友換上新衣,走進妙想童話國 !

Mickey 和一班迪士尼朋友經已換上聖誕新裝,走進妙想童話國! 
Mickey and the Disney Characters have been dressing in New Christmas Costume already, get into a Storybook Fantasy!

聖誕老人 Mickey 和 聖誕婆婆 Minnie
Santa Mickey Mouse and Santa Minnie Mouse


Gem 和陳煥仁今日下午出席香港迪士尼雪亮聖誕媒體日,連同 Mickey,Minnie 等一班迪士尼朋友,為妙想童話國揭開序幕。
揭幕儀式在大街合唱團美妙的聖誕歌聲中開始,Donald 和 Daisy,Chip 和 Dale,Goofy 和 Pluto,Micky 和 Minnie由薑餅人村莊走出來, 一身聖誕裝束,十分可愛呢!

Today afternoon, Gem and Han Jin appeared in HK Disneyland for the Media Day of Sparkling Christmas, to unfold the Storybook Fantasy with Mickey and his friends. 
The ceremony was begun by some beautiful Christmas tunes, sung by the Main Street Singers.  And the Characters came out from the Gingerbread Village.  They are so cute in the Christmas costumes. 



三位仙女為了慶祝 Aurora 16 歲生日,悄悄地在屋內為她準備禮物,Flora 和 Merryweather 就禮服的顏色而進行了衣服變色的魔法大戰,Flora 喜用粉紅色,而 Merryweather 則喜用藍色。

On the day of Aurora's sixteenth birthday, the fairies attempt to make Aurora a ball gown and a birthday cake. When their attempts end in disaster they decide to use their wands, resulting in a magical fight between Flora and Merryweather over the color of the gown—Red Fairy Flora insisting that it be pink and Blue Fairy Merryweather insisting that it be blue.



香港迪士尼今個星期五 (19/11) 正式為你開啟童話國之門,美國大街小鎮每個角落經已充滿濃厚聖誕氣氛。




More Cottages were built in this Gingerbread Village located in HK Disneyland .





香港迪士尼樂園昨日就有關其擴建工程進度舉行記者招待會,其中反斗奇兵大本營 (Toy Story Land) 主題園區將於來年 (2011) 年底前開幕,而其餘兩個園區亦有望提前於2013年落成。

HK Disneyland released news about the Progression of Park Expansions in a Press Conference.  Toy Story Land will be launched in 2011.  The other 2 theme lands will be completed in 2013.

這將會是 Duffy 跟賓客見面的地方?

這將會是 Duffy 跟賓客見面的地方?



今個雪亮聖誕,香港迪士尼為全年通行證賓客準備一份特別的小禮物 - 米奇造型聖誕吊飾
In this Sparkling Christmas, HK Disneyland prepared a Mickey Shape Christmas Ornament for Annuel Pass Holders.
From November 19 - December 17, 2010, Annual Passholder can get a FREE Mickey Shape Christmas Ornament *for any spending at the following designated merchandise stores. Create your own whimsical Christmas setting at home!





Just after the Halloween, Hong Kong Disneyland has already started their work to decorate for Splendid Christmas 2010!

There are new flags on the Park Promenade, with the familiar Disney Characters in their new christmas Costume Christmas Decoration in Main Street USA




This Sparkling Christmas will be themed as A Storybook Fantasy, the Main Street USA will become a small town where full of Toys, Fairies, Gingerbread and Candy! Every evening, under this lovely atmosphere, the Toys will form a team, and Perform a splendid show Procession of Toys for all the guest, and light every corner of the Main Street USA as well as the giant Christmas Tree. Also, there will be the Gingerbread Village in this Christmas little town




The Disney on Parade, which brought us many many joy and happiness, is going to say Goodbye to us, as she finished her job after her final show on today(31/10/2010) in Hong Kong Disneyland. Even we will miss her, let's farewell her with Applause.
Thank you to all the Cast Members of Disney on Parade.
Flight to Fantasy Parade will take place of Disney on Parade from Mid of January 2011.
Now, let's have a review of Disney on Parade!