大街解密:CARS 2 (解密信息: 高度機密特務報告 – 徹查極具威脅陰謀)

大街解密:CARS 2 (解密信息: 高度機密特務報告 – 徹查極具威脅陰謀)
MainStreetLeak: CARS 2 (Decoded Message: Confidential Agent Report – Scouring for an Impending Intrigue)


With the intention of protecting whose doing what, why, when, where and with whom, under no circumstances should this report expose.

This document is attached with highly confidential photos and videos.
Picture from Hong Kong Disneyland / (c)Disney All copyright reserved

在我前往「世界格蘭披治大賽」賽站搭建秘密監視點之際,Command Headquarters Recon Operations Motorized Espionage (C.H.R.O.M.E.) 給了我一份新任務。我被安排前往協助超級專業特務「飛彈麥克」,徹查在「世界格蘭披治大賽」的極具威脅陰謀,並需要到法國、英國、義大利及日本執行任務。我必需在 18:00(或之前)完成任務,並將任務在 19:00(或之前)歸還。這次任務我被分配上一組 QR 碼,以作身份認證、任務過程紀錄及任務完成證明。為了保護特務個人安全及任務內容,如 QR 碼上有摺痕及損毀,已紀錄的資料或會自動刪除。

A new mission was given by Command Headquarters Recon Operations Motorized Espionage (C.H.R.O.M.E.) when I was just about to set up secret clandestine point at the WGP (World Grand Prix) stations. I was assigned to assist the pro’s pro British secret agent, Finn McMissile, to scour for an impending Intrigue in WGP. The mission required me to travel France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan and the mission was started at 10:30. I had to complete the mission by 18:00 (or before) and returned by 19:00 (or before). A QR code was given to me for identity verification, process documentation and mission accomplishment certification in this mission. To protect the safety of secret agents and the mission details, all data saved in the QR code would be deleted automatically if there are any folds or damages on the code.

根據 C.H.R.O.M.E. 資料顯示,「飛彈麥克」正身藏在叢林中,不分日夜地監察美國世界格蘭披治車手「閃電王麥坤」。「麥坤」在 2011 年 6 月 10 日至 8 月 31 日於香港積極備戰「世界格蘭披治大賽」。而尋找「麥坤」是我第一項任務。

According to C.H.R.O.M.E. information, Finn McMissile was hidden in a jungle to scrutinise the American WGP racer, Lightning McQueen, from the sun up til the moon on his back. McQueen is now staying at Hong Kong for the race warm-up during June 10 to August 31, 2011. Looking for McQueen is my first assignment.


After a detailed research, McQueen is scheduled to show up at the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle forecourt everyday during the period. The researching is shown as below.

日期 Date

2011.6.10 - 6.30.

2011.7.1 - 8.28

2011.8.29 - 8.31


Lightning McQueen "Live"!

12 : 00, 13 : 30 & 17 : 00

11 : 30 & 17 : 30

11 : 30 & 17 : 30


I soon realized there is a topical jungle nearby. Agent McMissile was found in the military tent deep in the jungle. As the matter of fact, I have never encountered the real McMissile before. There is nothing I know about McMissile but merely the stories in rumor. So, the identity confirmation has to be done before I talk to him.
「飛彈麥克」是一款以超凡魅力、世上無雙及傳世典雅作概念而設計的汽車。從外型來看,他是一款身上集合了英國 60 年代經典跑車設計的大師級傑作。由於配有4.2公升直列四缸油缸及 2V 化油器引擎,所以令他擁有 290 匹馬力及可達最高時速每小時 147 英哩,而他只需7秒便可由0加速至每小時60英哩。他最大特點在於車尾的尾翼,是由 1958 年出產的 Peerless 英國跑車產生靈感而設計,對於英國跑車來說,在車尾加上尾翼的設計是絕無僅有的。「飛彈麥克」的車尾更有一個FMC的標記及寫有「314 FMCM」的車牌。基於以上資料,身份認証完畢。

Finn McMissile is designed to be charismatic, unique and timeless elegance. He is the masterpiece with all great feature of 60s British sport cars. With the 4.2 Liters Straight 6 with Triple 2V Carbs engine, he has 290 horsepower and the top speed of 147 mph, while he could speed up from 0 to 60 mph within 7 seconds. The tailfins at the rear were inspired by Peerless, the 1958 British sport cars, which is a feature hardly found on any British cars. There is a mark FMC and the number plate written "314 FMCM" at the rear. Confirmation process completed. 
「飛彈麥克」交待了 4 項任務給我,同時我需要在 C.H.R.O.M.E. 位於法國、英國、義大利及日本的秘密地點取得 4 枚印章。是次任務的最終目標是從美國特務及易容高手「哨牙嘜」身上習得易容術,相信這對我往後於「世界格蘭披治大賽」賽站搭建秘密監視點更有幫助。

McMissile assigned me to finish all 4 tasks and collect one stamp at the C.H.R.O.M.E. secret location hidden in France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan. The ultimate goal is to learn incognito skill from the American spy, Tow Mater, a skill which could help me in setting surveillance spot at the WGP stations.
首先,我到巴黎跟新手特務「何犀莉」會面。她交待我需解開保險箱領取 GPS 追蹤系統。是次執行任務的過程已紀錄於影片中(另見附件 I)。其後我從 C.H.R.O.M.E. 的壓印機取得印章。由於這是一枚壓印印章,我絕不可能在強光下讀取印章。然而作為一名專業特務,這只不過是小兒科。我將一張自紙鋪在印章上,再用鉛筆掃出凸痕。結果印章上蓋有「何犀莉」的頭像及法國的英文名。

I first traveled to Paris. I met the fresh-hand agent, Holly Shiftwell, after the arrival. She told me that I have to unlock the safety case and get the GPS tracking system. The process of the mission was documented in video (See Attachment I). Then I got the stamp from the C.H.R.O.M.E. pressing machine. The stamp has to be imprinted on the particular area on the QR code sheet. It is an embossed stamp which is hard to be seen under the strong light. As a professionally trained secret agent, that was just a piece for cake. I put a blank sheet of paper over the stamp and sketched with pencil. The icon of Holly Shiftwell and the name of the country were shown on the stamp.

下一站是倫敦。我在鄰近 Big Bentley 的街道上再一次遇見「飛彈麥克」。他乘Siddeley(一架雙噴射引擎飛機間碟)到此協助我執行下一項任務。我需要用 GPS 追蹤系統調查「世界格蘭披治大賽」賽程。是次執行任務的過程已紀錄於影片中(另見附件 II)。當我完成調查後,「飛彈麥克」給予我一副紅外線望遠鏡。然後他就返回香港。倫敦的印章上蓋有「飛彈麥克」的頭像及英國的英文名。

Then I moved on to London. I met Finn McMissile in the street near Big Bentley. He took on Siddeley, the twin jet engine spy plane, to travel here to assist me in the coming mission. I had to use the GPS tracking system to investigate the schedule of the WGP races. The process of the mission was documented in video (See Attachment II). After I finished the investigation, McMissile gave me a pair of binoculars for the next mission. Then he flew back to Hong Kong. The stamp of London is embossed with the icon of Finn McMissile and the United Kingdom.

隨後我抵達意大利,到意大利車手「法蘭斯高」練習的地方。我利用紅外線望遠鏡去偵探「麥坤」的下落。是次執行任務的過程已紀錄於影片中(另見附件 III)。在我完成任務的一刻,C.H.R.O.M.E. 寄了一封有關美國特務「哨牙嘜」的機密信件。意大利的印章上蓋有「法蘭斯高」的頭像及意大利的英文名。

The next mission required me to visit Italy, where the place the Italian WGP racer, Francesco Bernoulli, was practicing for the tournament. I have to use the binoculars to look for Lightning McQueen. The process of the mission was documented in video (See Attachment III). When I finished the mission, the C.H.R.O.M.E. sent me a confidential letter which was about the American spy Tow Mater. The stamp of Italy is embossed with the icon of Francesco Bernoulli and Italy.

東京是這次任務中我需到訪的最後一處地方。當我到達秘密地點,「哨牙嘜」已經在等侯著我的來臨。我需要將螢幕顯示的 3 款「哨牙嘜」喬裝後的扮相,與在機密信件附有的 9 張相片作出對比。是次執行任務的過程已紀錄於影片中(另見附件 IV)。東京的印章上蓋有「哨牙嘜」的頭像及日本的英文名。

Tokyo was my last destination of the mission. As soon as I reached the secret location, I saw Mater was waiting for my visiting. There are 9 photos attached in the confidential letter which was the photos Mater dressed up in different costumes, my duty in this mission was to identify 3 dresses showed on the screen. The process of the mission was documented in video (See Attachment IV). The stamp of Tokyo is embossed with the icon of Mater and Japan.

最後,我返回香港及在「特務車王總部」交回 QR 碼及 4 枚壓印印章。事後我正式出發前往「世界格蘭披治大賽」賽執行站搭建秘密監視點的任務。對於一部永遠不會停下的車,任務似乎沒完沒了的。

Eventually, I went back to Hong Kong and handed in the QR code with 4 embossed stamps at the Spy Agent Headquarter. My following mission is to set up clandestine point at the WGP stations. For the car never ends, missions could never be done.
任務於 2011 年6 月 10 日完成。
Mission Accomplished on 2011.6.10.

特務 Agent: A.C.F.A.S. (A “Car” For All Seasons)
Did You Know That?

「飛彈麥克」的車牌號碼「314 FMCM」是有特別意思的!314 是指 3 月 14 日,即「飛彈麥克」的配音演員 Michael Caine 的生日日期;FMCM 則是「飛彈麥克」英文名(Finn McMissile)的縮寫。

There is a special meaning at the number plate of Finn McMissile! ‘314’ is referring to March 14, the birthday of Michael Caine who is the voice-actor of Finn McMissile, and FMCM is the clipping of Finn McMissile.